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For those looking for recreational activities, there are a variety of ways to take advantage of the Lednice-Valtice region. From hiking or biking along nature trails, wine cruises along the Thaya River, horseback riding, trips to historical sites, music festivals, traditional fairs and fishing. Tennis, football, bowling and skittles are also a part of a wide range of sporting activities available.

Sightseeing around Lednice-Valtice

Lednice Castle
One of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic is only a few minutes walk from the spa. You can choose from any of our four guided tours. The first tour is of the halls on the ground floor, the second is a detailed tour of the magestic chambers on the first floor, the third tour of the castle is of the second floor, consisting of the little princes and princesses rooms and a puppet museum put together by Milan Knížák. The fourth tour is only for the brave, a frightening tour of an artificial stalactite cave dubbed 'Grotta', including a Baroque exhibition of monsters. During summer, the Lednice Castle is open on Mondays. You can also have a guided tour through the castle park with our landscaper. The castle garden tour takes about 50 minutes. A special discount for tickets to the first and second tours is availible for Perla spa guests at the reception desk. The Castle’s greenhouse was built between 1843-1845 with a length of 92 meters, width of 13 meters, and standing at a height of 7.5 meters.

Also known as the Turkish Tower, Minaret was built by Alois Josef I at the turn of the 19th century. It’s a unique structure in Europe, measuring close to 60 meters high, one of the highest towers on the continent.

Janohrad (John's Castle)
A romantic artificial ruin that has also served as a hunting lodge. Janohrad lies in the beautiful countryside and is barred by the Thaya River on three sides.

The temple of Apollo
A romantic chateau near Mill pond (Mlýnský Rybník) and now serves as an observation deck.

Hiking trails and bicycle paths
Comfortable hiking trails lead to Valtice, Podivín, and Palava. Here you’ll find the favored and increasingly sought-after “wine cycling“.

Lednice Ponds Nature Trail
A 9 km long trail with 17 points of interest leading to the Nesyt pond. With an area of 325 hectares, it’s the largest pond in Moravia. Other nearby ponds include Hlohovecký, Prostřední, Mlýnský, Zámecký and Podzámecký. All of the ponds are a part of a national nature reserve totalling an area of 600 hectares and one of the most important ornithological sites in the Czech Republic.

Floodplain Forest Nature Trail
A 6 km long trail through a floodplain forest with 15 points of interest. The trail leads from Janohrad through Kančí oboru (Boar fields) at the edge of Breclav. The trail is great for hikers and cyclists alike.

A chance to see the Lednice and Valtice area and surroundings on horseback.

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