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Food Service

For guests who stay with us

Snídaně Guests can choose from two lunch and dinner dishes every day. On the day you arrive, you can choose from a general menu. As for the other days, guests can choose a meal for the first day of arrival and also for the next day or for the entire stay.

Lunchconsists of soup and a main course, including a salad and water with lemon. For those interested, during the stay you can order drinks from the staff (alcohol and soft drinks).
Dinner consists of a starter and a main course, including a salad or hot fruit bowl and water with lemon.

If you're looking for a specially prepared dish, such as one that is diabetic, vegetarian, or gluten-free, please inform us when putting in your food order or you can feel free to call us in advance at +420 519 304 811

Food service for those not staying at the spa

Lunch and dinner can be ordered and paid for at the front desk for outpatients and pass holding guests in Lednice. Our chefs are at your disposal.

Meals with soup are served untill 15.00, after 15.00 are served with a starter..

Price 150 CZK.

The current offer is available in the spa café and dining room upon request.

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