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Dining room, bar

Dining at the spa

Lednice spa offers a pleasant air-conditioned environment to dine in. We're sure that a friendly staff and excellent food are a necessity for you and your happy holiday.

Breakfast is buffet style and served daily from 7:30 to 10:00 pm. Lunch and dinner are also served daily. Guests have two choices of dishes for lunch and dinner. If you have a special request as to food in accordance with your doctor's recommendation, feel free to talk to the head of catering, Mr. Drobilič.

The dining room also organizes special dinners for special occasions such as Easter, Valentines day, St. Martin's day, Christmas, New Year's and many more. Individually specialized dinners can be ordered in advance as part of special packages as well as a standard stay with us. Reserving a seat can be done only in advance at the reception desk at the spa. An overview of special dinners are available on our website in the culture calendar.

Spa café with a patio section

Perla Spa offers guests a pleasant air-conditioned environment in our cafe. There is also an outdoor patio section. The spa café prepares several kinds of delicious Piazza D'Oro coffee and you can try our heated wafers and have a taste of Moravian wine. For those who want a bite to eat, you can order toast or fried steak with bread. We also serve refreshing non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails.

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