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List of procedures

Electrotherapy Magnetoterapy
Examination procedures by doctors
Targeted medical examination
First time medical examination
Natural healing source
Full bath in natural healing water - iodobromide bath (20 minutes + 10 minutes wrap)
Iodobromine whirlpool of lower limb (20 minutes) 
Iodobromine whirlpool of upper limb (20 minutes) 
Taping (kineziotaping, lymfotaping)   
Individual LTV - Physical and analytical methods (25 minutes)    
Individual LTV - Under the supervisor of the equipment (30 minutes)   
Group LTV - type I. (3 - 5 persons; 30 minutes)
Group LTV - type II. (6 - 12 persons; 30 minutes)
Hydrokinesiotherapy - group sessions in the pool with warm water
Swimming pool (30 minutes - time in the pool)   
Whirlpool with salt water (1 hour, max. 4 people)   
Aqua aerobic (Tuesday, Wednesday)   
Sauna (1 hour) 
Hydromassage bath (20 minutes) 
Bubble bath (20 minutes) 
Bubble bath with herbal additives (20 minutes)    
Bath with ingredients (20 minutes)   
Bath Salt from the Dead Sea (20 minutes)   
Turf bath (20 minutes)   
Bath "Good old days" (20 minutes)   
Mountain bath (20 minutes)   
Kneipp herbal bath (20 minutes)    
Bath Ylang-Ylang (20 minutes)   
Bath champagne (20 minutes)   
Bath of medical cannabis (20 minutes)   
Chocolate bath (20 minutes)   
Bath with Salts Yasmina (20 minutes)  
Antistress bath (20 minutes)
Queen Kleopatra bath (20 minutes)
Physiotherapy - require recommendation of doctor
Reflexology massage   
Soft tissue and mobilization technics   
Sound therapy (ultrasound)
Lymphatic drainage - manual (55 minutes) 
Lymphatic drainage - instrumental (30 minutes) 
Advanced underwater massage (15 minutes) 
Underwater massage whole body (35 minutes) 
Partial body massage (15 minutes)
Extended body massage (35 minutes)
Whole body massage (85 minutes)    
Aroma massage partial (15 minutes)
Aroma massage extended (35 minutes)
Aroma massage whole body (85 minutes)   
Wine aroma massage extended (35 minutes) 
Hawaiian massage partial (15 minutes)
Hawaiian massage extended (35 minutes)
Hawaiian massage whole body (85 minutes)   
Hot lava stone massage partial (15 minutes)
Hot lava stone massage extended (35 minutes)
Hot lava stone massage whole body (85 minutes)   
Anti-cellulite massage with ozone pack (15 minutes + 20 minutes wrap)  
Amma massage (15 minutes) 
Dorn Method + Breuss massage - joint and spine (2x 35minutes) 
Honey massage (3x 15 minutes + 5 minutes wrap) 
Indian head massage (15 minutes) 
Reflexology foot massage   
Thai massage (85 minutes)   
Thai foot massage (35 minutes) 
Massage with hot shells (100 minutes)   
Chocolate massage (110 minutes) 
Massage with hot wax by Zodiac (85 minutes)   
Indonesian Bali massage (85 minutes) 
Point massage (35 minutes) 
Massage of medical cannabis (35 minutes)   
Tibetan massage with salt bags (60 minutes)   
Thai oil massage (85 minutes) 
Massage Gold (gold oil) partial (15 minutes)  
Massage Gold (gold oil) extended (35 minutes)
Massage Gold (gold oil) whole body (85 minutes)  
Shirodhara - Ayurvedic massage (massage of the third eye - 55 minutes)   
Individual aerosol inhalation
Phototherapy including radiation
Laser - scanner
Solar meadow (1 minute, 20 minutes, 50 minutes) 
Thermotherapy (application of heat)   
Peloid wrap (20 minutes)
Dual peloid pack (20 minutes)
Paraffin compress (20 minutes)    
Disposable paraffin compress with bee wax (20 minutes)
Honey wrap (20 minutes)   
Stone fruit pressure (20 minutes)   
Oxygen therapy (incl. Vitamins and mineral)
CO2 applications - from artificial sources
Carbon dioxide bubble bath (20 minutes + 10 minutes wrap)     
Dry carbon dioxide bath - wholebody (35 minutes)   
Dry carbon dioxide bath - partial (35 minutes)
Insufflation of carbon dioxide into the dermis - gas injection
Sahara breath - body wrap (35 minutes)
Seaweed body wrap (35 minutes) 
LPG Cellu M6 (body or face)   
Salt wrap with energy balm (50 minutes) 
Detox slimming (75 minutes)   
Relaxing treatments   
Dead Sea body care
Body mask "Champagne"
Wine therapy - wine toning, peeling, body mask, final care
Wine body mask
Good chocolate - chocolate body wrap, chocolate caress the body   
Touch of velvet (champagne cure) - bath with champagne, peeling, champagne caress the body, face mask champagne, small bottle of champagne
Fresh coffee - coffee body scrub, body mask a nd final caress the body
Ritual Cleopatra - exclusive body treatment (full body scrub, body wrap, finishing treatment    
Secred of Queen Cleopatra
Oasis of peace (body care for woman and also man)
Sea weed detox care
Regeneration antistress wrap (whole body)
Stimulation care (hand or foot)
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