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About the spa

Our new spa premises can offer you an area of natural beauty and fairytale castles.

The Perla spa building is a modern rehabilitation facility in close proximity to the castle gardens and provides comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services using the effects of natural iodobromine mineral water, which has positive effects on the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems, neurological illness as well as gynaecological problems and post-burns conditions.

The spa provides comfortable accommodation in furnished two-bed rooms and apartments with a total capacity of 80 beds. Guests can take advantage of our restaurant, café with outside terrace, seating for 40 people, internet corner, spacious gym hall and gym, sauna and pool with whirlpool and water current. All parts of the building are wheelchair-accessible.

The wonderful spa environment, pleasant staff and the positive effects of the mineral water are sure to please even the most demanding of clientele.

Tertiary sea water at Lednice Spa
iodobromine natural healing spring

Unique iodobromine water. Healing, preventative, regenerative. Immerse yourself in a healing bath and let the healing powers of iodobromine water get to work.

Lednice Spa was founded in the magnificent scenery of the Lednice-Valtice area. Millions of years ago, this land was at the bottom of a prehistoric sea, and when plate tectonics caused Moravia to rise from the sea, the sea water remained trapped in underground caverns.

The basic natural healing source in Lednice Spa is iodobromine water, which in terms of iodine content is one of the most high quality of its type in Europe. The ancient tertiary sea under the surface of the ground at a depth of 1250 metres is an exceptional natural healing source. Located deep underground in enclosed reservoirs, the water is abundant enough to be used by many generations with a chemical composition similar to heavily mineralised sea water.

The iodobromine mineral water is piped to the spa from boreholes in Charvátská Nová Ves. During its travel it cools down to 7°C, and it is then heated to a temperature of 37°C for bathing at the spa. The temperature is then individually reduced for patients in accordance with the doctors instructions. The heavily mineralised iodobromine water deposits in Lednice have an iodine content exceeding 30 mg/l and bromide content of between 40 and 60 mg/l. During treatment, the iodine evaporates into the air which is thus enriched with an iodine microclimate during bathing which contains higher iodine levels than that found in seaside areas. The iodine is absorbed through breathing, through the skin and mucous membranes. From a healing viewpoint, its combined effects work together to regulate the thyroid gland and stimulate the neurohumoural system by affecting the hypothalamix axis - pituitary gland - which regulates the nerve, heart and circulatory and endocrine systems. Iodine water is the most effective balneological method for treating angiopathies.

Research has also demonstrated effective treatment of musculoskeletal illnesses, neurological, gynaecological and skin illnesses - improving healing and supporting anti-inflammatory effects. An iodobromine bath has great effects not only in treatment, but also in preventation, regeneration and rejuvenation. At Lednice Spa you have the sea within reach and at half the price!

Lednice Spa, Perla Spa Building
Břeclavská 700, Lednice 691 44
Tel.: 420 519 304 811
Fax.: 420 519 304 873

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