The natural healing source for our treatment in Lednice Spa  is iodobromine water.  Our natural healing source has an effect on the connective tissues of the veins,  neurological and musculoskeletal illnesses and gynaecological disorders.

List of illness treated in Lednice Spa

Indication number
VI / 2
Polyneuropatie with paretic symptoms
VI / 3
Vertebrogennic radiolar syndromes
VI / 7
Multiple sclerosis and other dimyelinating diseases in remission
VI / 10
Cerebral palsy at the posibility to walk independently and withou significant psychological changes, on the assumption the ability to self-sufficiency
VI / 11
Parkinson’s disease (not parkinsonian syndrom and secondary extrapyramidal syndrom during treatment with psychotropic drugs)


VII / 1
Rheumatoid arthritis I – IV degree (incl. juvenilie arthritis)
VII / 2
Ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterews disease)
VII / 3
Other seronegative spondyloarthropathies (psoriatic, arthritis, Reiters syndrome, enteropathic arthritis) and reactive (parainfetious) and secondary arthritis
VII / 5
Osteoporosis with complication (continually treated more then 3 month), bone changes that a result of work in compressed air (occupational disease)
VII / 6
Painful syndromes of tendon insertions, from bursae, subcutaneous tissues, fat and muscles including conditions caused by work with vibrating tools and excessive one-way overload, extra-articular rheumatism systematic and localised.
VII / 7
Coxarthritis, gonarthrosis in continuing care of orthopedist and rehabilitation doctor
VII / 8
Arthritis in other locations. Arthropathy
VII / 9
Functional or degenerative  vertebrogenic algic syndrome, continually treated.
VII / 10
Conditions after orthopaedic surgeries with use of joint
VII / 11
Conditions after injuries to the locomotive systém and after orthopaedic ooperations, inlcuding conditions after surgeries of intervertebral discs and stenose sof the spinal canal.

XI / 1
Primary sterility and infertility. Secondary sterility on inflammatory and functional basis.
XI / 2
Recurrent inflammatory diseases of internal genitals and their consequences.
XI / 3
Conditions after complicated gyneacological surgeries. Conditions after complicated surgeries in the pelvic

As you are foreigners you have to pay fully for all services provided in our spa.



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